About Us


Ovalmint was officially established by Ofir Ramirez-Rios in 2011 to address to the need for no-nonsense SEO for small, brick-and-mortar businesses. Prior to that, our founders had worked as online marketing consultants for large companies, that's when they became aware of the blatant preying from "computer experts" trying to take away hard-earned dollars from small business owners by using fishy tactics and obscure online marketing advice.

We like keeping things simple and efficient. When it comes down to making your business stand above your competitors online, we won't make your head spin with hard-to-understand technicisms or shady magic tricks.

No Magic Tricks, Only Hard Work

You know how to make your customers like you and recommend you; you are the expert at that. We know how to make Google like you and recommend you; we are the experts at that. Just like it takes hard work, consistency and time to please your customers, it will likely take hard work, consistency and time to please search engines on your behalf—there are no shortcuts or magic tricks to earn trust, either online or offline. We follow only strict and ethical rules when we do search engine optimization, pay-per click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing and all other forms of digital marketing. We also strive to stay current and updated regarding online marketing techniques, trends, and market changes.

Once we build the online trust you need for your business, you will rank on top of internet searches and you will see the results translated into sales and conversions. All the invested time and resources will pay off tons-fold :)

Let our team of experts take care of your online business presence so you can focus on what you do best: making your customers happy.